Evaluation: F-35 Informational Package

The F-35 project provides an opportunity for you to experience collaborative writing and work closely with a military official to develop technical communication materials for a federal government organization. This raises the question as to who is most qualified to evaluate your work. Due to the situated nature of this project, the methods of evaluation must naturally diverge from traditional classroom assessment practices, and it is reasonable that a portion of the evaluative feedback should come from the client, who is the real audience of your work.  

To determine your score on the F-35 project, evaluation and feedback will be collected using these three methods:

  1. Feedback from client — 20% of your grade
  2. Self evaluation survey — 40% of your grade
  3. Group evaluation survey — 40% of your grade

Complete the required evaluation surveys (linked below) after submitting the final draft of your F-35 Information Package (week 12). The results of your surveys will be considered in equal weight to determine the remaining 80% of your project grade.

To evaluate the F-35 Informational Package, Major Puller will draw loosely from the criteria outlined in this rubric and provide each group with brief, written feedback:



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