Resources: F-35 Informational Package

These websites have been provided by your client as official, approved resources to use while you research, develop and edit your technical communication materials:

Lockheed Martin Corporation: F-35 Lightning II

The F-35 Joint Program Office (JPO)

U.S. Census Bureau

Format guidelines for your technical presentation

Format guidelines for your memo

Format guidelines for your report

(Be sure to watch the video produced by Major Puller, located in our Blackboard course. He discusses the needs of this project in further detail and offers advice for conducting research and creating the materials.)

Additionally, you should draw upon our course readings and discussions, including the following chapters we have covered in our textbook:

  • Chapter 6 “Researching Your Subject”
  • Chapter 17 “Writing Informational Reports”
  • Chapter 7 “Organizing Your Information”
  • Chapter 9 “Emphasizing Important Information”
  • Chapter 11 “Designing Print and Online Documents”
  • Chapter 21 “Making Oral Presentations”

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