Material Concerns

A description of coursework and its weighted value. 

Grade Weight Distribution

Quizzes: 5%
Discussions: 20%
Resume Project: 15%
Midterm: 5%
Pentagon Project: 15%
Workshops: 15%
Final: 25%

Total: 100%

Final grades that are “x9.5x%” or higher will be rounded up to the next letter grade.


Location: In your textbook and here in our WordPress site.

Most readings will come from your textbook, Markel’s Technical Communication, 11th ed. Additional readings will be linked here in our Wordpress site. Readings listed in the course calendar should be completed in the first half of the week. For example, in Week 1, you will read Chapter 1 before you take the Chapter 1 quiz and participate in the Week 1 discussion forum.

Quizzes (5%)

Location: Blackboard

For each reading, you will find a corresponding quiz. Quizzes can be taken twice, and your highest score is automatically recorded in the grade center. The quiz confirms your understanding of the reading material, so I recommend you always complete the quiz before participating in the discussion.

Discussions (20%)

Location: Blackboard

Each week you will have one discussion assigned in the Blackboard course. The discussion will typically be a two-part prompt that asks you to summarize, analyze and apply what you have read in your textbook, and respond to your colleagues. Discussions are an extremely important part of our online course because they are designed to create the engagement and exchange of ideas with your colleagues you would have in a face-to-face course. This is a valuable part of the learning process, and full participation is required in order to earn credit.

Workshops (15%)

Location: Blackboard

Peer workshops will be completed at various draft stages for your major course projects and your final exam portfolio. Peer workshops are extremely useful, and if they are done well, they can be immensely helpful to your writing process and the quality of the final draft. I create structured workshops and provide you with tools to succeed, but in the end, it is your commitment to the process and your colleagues that makes the difference. You will benefit from peer workshops in two ways:

  1. You will receive feedback that helps you revise and improve the project.
  2. You will give feedback to peers, confirming your own understanding while supporting your colleagues.

Projects (15% x 2 projects)

Location: WordPress site & Blackboard

There are two major projects in this course: the Job Application Package and the F-35 Informational Package. Information for the Job Application Package is located here and information for the F-35 Information Package is located here in our WordPress site, and collaboration will take place in Blackboard.

Midterm (10%)

Location: Our WordPress site and Blackboard. 

Following a memo format, you will write a performance review (self-evaluation) addressed to your instructor. The midterm prompt is located here in our WordPress site. Your memo will be submitted in Blackboard.

Final (20%)

Location: Our WordPress site

Assigned the first week of class, the final exam is a digital technical communication portfolio that you will work on throughout the semester. A compilation of student selected work, the portfolio will showcase your technical writing assignments (from the discussion forum) and projects for future employers. You can find more information about your portfolio here, and final portfolios will be linked to this WordPress site.


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